Information for Contributors

Typescripts requirements for the book of reports at the Conference.

  1. The report is supported by a document allowing the open publishing and confirming that the report does not contain any information constituting a trade secret. The reports which are not covered by such a document will not be added to the conference program. The deadline for submitting a document authorizing open publication is no later than 10 days before the start of the event.
  2. The report is submitted in electronic version (software should be Windows’97 or higher).

When writing a report, you must adhere to the following structure of presentation: title, abstract, keywords, main text of the report, literature.

  • An UDC identifier should be placed before the title of the report in a separate line on the left of the page in accordance with the international submission guidelines;
  • The title of the report should contain the full surname, first name and patronymic (if any) of the authors (in Russian and in English) and their e-mail addresses, as well as their academic titles and the name of an educational institution or organization where the work has been conducted;  
  • An abstract and a synopsis are composed in accordance with the international submission guidelines as well. Abstract is a brief summary of the main theme (issue) of the report (3-4 lines). Synopsis is a brief summary of a research report which includes main actual data, description of a research procedure, main obtained results and their application field (250-350 words). The abstract and synopsis should not duplicate the text of the document allowing the open publishing and confirming that the report does not contain any information constituting a trade secret. The abstract is written in the Russian and in the English languages.
  • Key words (3-5 words) in the Russian and in the English languages;
  • Introduction – presents the significance of the scientific facts under research in theory and in practice and the novelty of the solution of the scientific issue;
  • Data about the research procedure. Figures, formulas and tables are allowed only if it is impossible to describe the process in a text form. If the report is of theoretical character the ideas and main conceptual issues are given for their further analysis; 
  • Experimental procedure: analysis, generalization and clarification of the researcher’s data or comparison of the theories. This section takes the central part of the report both by significance and by volume;
  • Conclusions and recommendations: the report must include the answers to the issues raised by the introductory part and provide the exact conclusions.
  • Reference list is provided in accordance with the international submission guidelines as well. In the text the reference is numbered in square brackets, its number is given in the list of references. All references are given in the source language and are numbered as per order of appearance in the text. Names in Japanese, Chinese and other languages using non-Latinic alphabet are romanized. References to the books translated into Russian should be followed by the references to the original editions with their dateline.

You should avoid acronyms and clipping. All acronyms in the text should be expanded except  commonly used ones. The report should not contain repetitions, excessive details, particular details, well-known terms, cumbersome table and formulas. In case of using foreign surnames (except the well-known ones, those provides in the encyclopedias and if they are referred to in the reference lists), names of educational facilities, companies, brand products, etc., they should be duplicated with their original spelling in brackets. 

While quoting, you should refer to articles from journals included in the list of scientific publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. Links to advertising brochures, abstracts and other unreviewed publications are not allowed. Referencing  to unpublished works (technical reports on research, official documents, materials with a restrictive stamp) is not allowed.

Average volume of the report is about 20 000-25 000 symbols (about 10 pages) + 3-4 tables and 2-5 pictures. Total volume of the report should not exceed 0.7 of an author’s sheet (40 000 symbols – not more than 15 pages). 

The editor’s office has the right to sort the sent materials, review them and sent back for renewal taking into account the remarks made upon the reports.

Technical requirements:

  1. Main parameters of a manuscript: 
  • page layout - А4, portrait orientation;
  • margins - 2,5 cm  on all sides;
  • MicrosoftWord format of the text;
  • Black TimesNewRoman type;
  • text size – 14;
  • tracking– 1,5;
  • setting of formulas in MicrosoftEquation 3.0;
  • SI base units;
  • references in square brackets.
  1. Pictures:
  • all pictures should be in JPEG or TIFF formats with no less than 300 dpi resolution;
  • the size of the illustrations should not exceed A4 size;
  • Each picture should be referred to by a link in the text.