About the event

FSUE “VIAM” SRC RF jointly with Technology platforms  “Materials and technology of  metallurgy” and “New polymer composite materials and technologies”  will organize within the framework of the international exhibition “Hydroaviasalon-2016” the 2nd international scientific and technical conference “Corrosion, ageing and bioproofness of materials in the coastal climatic condition”, arranged to coincide with the 115th anniversary of the birth of Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Tech.) George V. Akimov. He was the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of USSR, the winner of the D.I. Mendeleev premium of AS USSR, twice laureate of USSR State Prize, the honored worker of science and engineering of RSFSR.

The conference will take place in G. V. Akimov Gelendzhik Climatic Testing Center (GCTC VIAM) at the following address: 20 Pochtovaya St., Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory on September, 23, 2016.

Opening of the Conference: 11:00

Registration of participants: 10:00 - 11:00

The leading national and foreign scientists and specialists will report at the Conference. The following topics will be presented at the event:

- Theory and practice researches of ageing, corrosion, biological resistance of materials, construction elements and complex technical systems in natural environments;

- Monitoring and evaluation of corrosion;

- Methods, equipment, instruments for ageing, corrosion and biological stability tests;

- Protection systems of materials and engineering against ageing, corrosion, biological effect;

- Accelerated tests of materials and construction elements for ageing, corrosion and biodeterioration;

 - Corrosion, ageing and biodeterioration of infrastructure facilities;

- Standards and regulatory documents for tests of materials and engineering in natural environments.

 The event program includes demonstration of capabilities of GCTC VIAM to carry out full-scale tests and researches, and also familiarization with the exposition of materials and construction elements.

We invite you to take part in the Conference and to make relevant reports on the subject.

To participate in the Conference it is necessary to complete the online registration form in the section “Participants registration” until August 20, 2016.

Proceedings of the 3rd All-Russian scientific and technical conference titled “Fundamental and applied researches of corrosion and ageing of materials under the climatic conditions: problems and perspectives” will be published in electronic form. 

Accommodation, transportation and other charges – at the expense of participants. 

The organizing committee DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the requests submitted after the specified term or which preparation does not correspond to the requirements will be processed and included in the program of the Conference.

Contact information:

+7 (499)263-89-53 Aleksey M. Smirnov

 +7 (499)263-85-16 Nadezhda A. Kuznetsova

 +7 (499)263-88-84 Ivan V. Tarasov

+7 (499)263-89-17 Alla V.Sumakova

e-mail: confgcki@viam.ru