Plenary meeting
(Conference hall) 


Evgeny N. Kablov Academician of RAS, Professor, Dr. of Sc. (Eng.),
Director General of FSUE «VIAM» SRC RF 


Alexander A.  Inozemtsev Professor, Dr.of Sc. (Eng.),
Managing Director General Designer of JSC «Aviadvigatel» 


Registration of participants


Opening of the conference. Welcoming speech 

Academician of RAS, Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)

Evgeny N. Kablov


Welcoming speech  

Andrey I. Boginskij 

(The Ministry of Industry and Trade
of the Russian Federation)


Welcoming speech  

Corresponding member of RAS,
Dr. of Sc. (Biology), Cand. of Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy)
Aleksey V. Lopatin

(The Ministry of Education and Science
 the Russian Federation)


Welcoming speech


Alexander V. Kobenko

(The Ministry of Economic Development,
investments and Trade of the Samara Region)


Development of climatic tests of materials and structural elements: results and prospects 

Academician of RAS, Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)
Evgeny N. Kablov



 Design of GTE for corrosion resource  

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)
Alexander A. Inozemtsev

(JSC «Aviadvigatel»)


Scientific competences of the Samara University for development of aviation industry 

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)
Eugene  V. Shakhmatov

(Samara National  Research University named after S.P. Korolev )


New approaches and methods of  anticorrosion protection  

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Chem.) 
Aleksey K.  Buryak

(A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry)
Academician of RAS, Prof., Dr. of Sc.

A.Yu. Tsivadze


Solutions from «Walter+Bai» AG for tests of materials under the influence of environmental conditions

Ralf  Walter

(«Walter+Bai» AG)


Lunch break. The beginning of work of the stand section


Section №1
«Researches and tests of materials and structural elements
under the influence of climatic factors»
(Conference hall) 


Aslan Yu. Tsivadze – Academician of RAS, Professor, Dr. of Sc. (Chem.),
Director of A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry 


Aleksey N.  Lutsenko  –Cand. of Sc. (Eng.),
Head of Testing center of FSUE «VIAM» SRC RF


Development of multilayer metallic materials with special properties

Corresponding member of RAS, Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)
Vladimir A. Grachev

(Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation),  
Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) A.E. Rozen,

Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) G.V. Kozlov, A.A. Rozen


Modeling of climatic ageing and damages of composite materials

Corresponding member of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences,
Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)
Alfred M. Suleimanov

(Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering),

Dr. of Sc. (Physics&Math.) R.A. Kayumov,
Cand. of Sc. (Physics
&Math.) I.Z. Muhamedova


Research and Development of Multifactor Integrated Marine Climate Simulated and Accelerated Test Technology

Prof. Yang Xiaoran

(Southwest Research Institute of Technique and Engineering)


Developments of IMCES SB RAS for meteorological support of full-scale climatic tests and researches of materials 

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Physics& Math.)
Vladimir A. Krutikov

(Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and
Ecological Systems of the Siberian Branch of RAS),

Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) A.A. Tikhomirov,
Cand. of Sc. (Eng.). V.A. Korol`kov 


Modeling the influence of climatic factors on strength and decorative characteristics of modified epoxy composites

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) Tatyana A. Nizina
(N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University),

Academician of RAACS, Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) V.P. Selyaev,
A.N. Chernov, D.R. Nizin, D.A. Artamonov


Study of accelerated corrosion tests of high-strength steels 

Liu Ming

(Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials)


Modeling of climatic ageing effects of coating materials taking into account seasonality of climatic impacts

Cand. of Sc. (Physics&Math.) Valery O. Startsev

(G.V. Akimov GCTC VIAM),

K.A. Khrulev


Meteorological support of full-scale tests of aviation materials

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) Alexander A. Tikhomirov

(Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and
Ecological Systems of the Siberian Branch of RAS),

Dr. of Sc. (Physics&Math.) V.A. Krutikov, 
Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) V.
А. Korol`kov


New constructive and technological solutions, improving the efficiency of use of polymer composite materials in structures of high-speed crafts 

 Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) Gennady B. Kryzhevich

(Krylov State Research Center SRC RF)


The influence of deposition of three different particles on the initial atmospheric corrosion of 7B04 aluminum alloy 

Gao Meng

(Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials)


Research of joint influence of mechanical loads and climatic factors on properties of materials as a part of a large-sized structure of experimental wing cell after 4 years of tests

Andrey V. Gladkikh

(G.V. Akimov GCTC VIAM),

Academician of RAS, Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)E.N. Kablov,
Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) V.S. Erasov, Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) S.V. Panin,
M.G. Kurs, V.V. Avtaev, N.I. Sorokina, D.A.



Method of confirmation of exhaustion of protective properties of heat-resisting diffusion coatings 

Vladimir S. Voropanov

(JSC «Sukhoi Civil Aircraft»),

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) S.G. Dolgalev, Z.P. Kolodeznikova



Life prediction of metal-polymer compounds, used during a repair of technical equipment of oil products supply

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) Mikhail S. Yuhim

(JSC «Concern VKO «Almaz-Antey»)




Environmentally-friendly antifouling coatings and their accelerated biological tests 

 Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Biological) Alexander I. Railkin

(S.V. Lebedev Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber),
Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) Zh.A. Otvalko,

Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) S.I. Korotkov,
S.E. Fomin, S.Z. Chikadze



Impact assessment of operational, design and technology factors on strength characteristics of samples from composite materials

 Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) Galina  F. Rudzey

(SibNIA named after S.A. Chaplygin),

A.I. Ivanov, T.V. Lapshina, А.А. Kalyuta, V.А. Frolova



Climatic tests of materials and products of engineering 

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) Sergey I. Bakshaev

(Ministry of Defense of Russia),

I.V. Gavrilov




Demonstration of opportunities of G.V. Akimov GCTC VIAM

Section №2
«Materials and technological processes
in amphibious and aerodrome-free aviation»
(STC hall)


Eugene V. Shakhmatov – Professor, Dr. of Sc. (Eng.),
Rector of Samara National Research University named after S.P.Korolev 


Oleg V. Startsev –Professor, Dr. of Sc. (Eng.),
Deputy Head of G.V. Akimov GCTC for academic affairs 


Regularities of protective magnetite coatings formation in aqueous solutions, containing accelerators of oxidation 

Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) Victoria A. Timofeeva

(N.N. Semenov Institute of chemical physics of RAS),

Dr. of Sc. (Physics&Math.) S.F. Timashev,
 Dr. of Sc. (Chem.) A.B. Solovyov,
Dr. of Sc. (Chem.) Yu.I. Kuznetsov,
Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) G.V. Belkova, 
Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) P.I. Misurkin,
Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) D.B. Vershok


Static and fatigue resistance of multilayer composite materials “aluminum-steel” with asymmetric layers arrangement

 Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) Gennady B. Kryzhevich

(Krylov State Research Center SRC RF),

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) S.D. Knoring,
Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) V.I. Pavlova, А.А. Bulgakov


Peculiarities of control of large-dimensioned polymeric-composite radiotransparent section 

Natalya N. Khoroshaylo

(PJSC «G.M. Beriev aircraft company»),

V.А. Zavgorodniy, V.V. Yakovenko


Climatic tests of products at the stage of life cycle «exploitation» 

Igor V. Gavrilov

(Ministry of Defense of Russia),

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) S.I. Bakshaev


New composite materials based on glass-alkaline bindings of increased biostability to erect offshore constructions

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) Vladimir T. Erofeev

(N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University),

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) A.D. Bogatov,
 Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) S.N. Bogatova, 
Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) S.V. Kaznacheev, I.V. Smirnov


Peculiarities of  corrosion damage of multilayer metallic materials with internal protector

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) Andrey E. Rozen

(Penza State University),

Corresponding member of RAS, Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.)V.А. Grachev,
Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) А.А. Rumyantsev, А.А. Rozen


Research of benzoquinone derivatives as inhibitors of sulfurated-hydrogen corrosion 

Cand. of Sc. (Chem.)  Angela A. Griban`kova

(Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University),

Cand. of Sc. (Chem.)  M.А. Agievich


Peculiarities of moisture absorption of polymer composite materials during climatic ageing in full-scale and laboratory conditions

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) Yury M. Vapirov

(Branch of the Institute of natural-technological systems (Sochi),

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) V.N. Shcherbakov,
Cand. of Sc. (Physics&Math.) E.А. Rybak,
Т.V. Shachina, К.А. Kolesnik


Full-scale tests of electronic components and elements of airborne equipment of aviation engineering

Dmitry A. Lukyanychev  

(PJSC «Sukhoi» «Experimental design bureau of Sukhoi»),

V.А. Karpov, Yu.P. Avdeev, I.А. Tsygantsov


Effectiveness analysis of anticorrosion protection of planes BE-200CHS, exploited by the EMERCOM of Russia and PJSC «G.M. Beriev aircraft company»

Vadim B.Dyudin

(PJSC «G.M. Beriev aircraft company»),

N.А. Lavro, V.V. Suhoivanenko,G.Yu. Budyuk


Increase of biological and climatic resistance of composite materials by using special binding materials

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) Alexander I. Rodin

(N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University),

Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) V.T. Erofeev,
Prof., Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) V.I. Kalashnikov, 
N.G. Rodina, I.V. Erofeeva 


Discussion and decision making


Demonstration of opportunities of G.V. Akimov GCTC VIAM  

Stand section

(Conference hall)



Method for carrying out climatic tests on resistance of materials to conditions of marine arctic and subarctic climates

Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) Natalya P. Andreeva


Cand. of Sc. (Chem.) M.R. Pavlov, A.K. Shvedkova,
E.V. Nikolaev, M.A. Venediktova


Research of longtime combined impact of constant load and corrosion environment on fracture toughness of structural aluminum alloys

George A. Nuzhniy


Dr. of Sc. (Eng.) A.V. Grinevich, I.V. Gulina


Influence of thermomoisture and climatic effects on regularities of deformation of thermoplastics

Cand. of Sc. (Eng.) Nickolay O. Yakovlev


M.I. Dobrodushnova, M.V. Kozlova