About the event

FSUE «VIAM» SRC RF jointly with Technology platforms «Materials and technologies of metallurgy» and «New polymer composite materials and technologies» will organize the IV International conference «Additive technologies: present-day and the future».

The conference will take place in FSUE «VIAM» SRC RF at the following address 17 Radio St., Moscow (entrance from Dobroslobodskaya St.) on March, 30, 2018.

Opening of the Conference: 10:00
Registration of participants: 9:00 - 10:00

 The leading scientists and specialists of FSUE «VIAM», representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises of different industrial branches will report at the Conference.
The following topics will be presented at the event:

– Selective laser melting (SLM) of metallic, polymer and ceramic powders;
– Advantages of additive technologies as alternative to traditional technologies;
– Application of additive technologies in medicine;
– Methods for applying coatings on articles, produced by selective laser melting and others.  

Scientists, specialists, postgraduates and students are invited to attend the Conference and to make relevant reports. To participate in the Conference it is necessary to complete the online registration form in the section «Participants registration» until March 12, 2018. Proceedings of the IV International conference «Additive technologies: present-day and the future» will be published in electronic form. Accommodation, transportation and other charges – at the expense of participants.
The organizing committee DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the requests submitted after the specified term or which preparation does not correspond to the requirements will be processed and included in the program of the Conference.

 Contact information:

(495) 365-21-81 Svyatoslav V. Nerush;
(499) 263-89-17 Elena A. Pashkova.
E-mail: polimer@viam.ru